Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rogue (2008)

AKA "Croctease." See, thats funny because its a play on words, and funnier because I pointed it out. Anyone watching this flick will easily be confused, since it is an immense bore, yet each of the reviews preceding its domestic release would lead you to believe that this was the defining giant crocodile movie. Wrong. Greg McLean succeeds once again in portraying the Australian landscape in the most picturesque ways possible, with gorgeous cinematography and framing. Its too bad the film is supposed to be about a giant croc, because landscape is all you get for nearly half the film. None of the characters particularly stand out in this one, though the lead clearly distinguishes himself early in the film, destroying any suspense on that angle. So essentially, you have standard characters making bad business decisions in on a remote river with little to no gore and only glimpses of our CG croc until the end. Once we get the final reveal, the animal is no more impressive than in similar films like the superior Primeval. What annoys me more than anything in a film of this nature is taking so much time in attempting to establish the integrity of the film by placing the characters in a believable setting, only to include a ridiculous over the top ending that lacks any semblance of reality. I wanted desperately to find merit in this film, but for my money it is an average giant animal flick with no payoff. A river tour meets with disaster when crossing into a giant crocodile's territory.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 4/10.

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  1. I thought Rogue was one of the finer giant croc movies ever made, if not the best. I loved how it focused more on the characters and story and then got into the juicy bits with the killer croc. A lot of people complained about the long set up in McLean's previous flick, Wolf Creek, but I loved the slow buildup in that one too.

  2. Thank god, I almost bought this at Blockbuster today - I was expecting loads of croc-themed deaths. I am so glad I didn't! I despise slow build.

    - Zac

  3. There's a market for giant croc movies?! Man, I learn something new every day...

  4. I absolutely loved the setup for Wolf Creek, since it was establishing real characters and the desperation of the Australian outback, but the characters and plotting in this one felt much too scripted and forced for me Johnny, which I think is what threw me off. This one may be a case of the film just being way over-hyped, but after a second viewing I didnt find myself enjoying it any more than the first.

    Ironically, I loved Primeval, which was bashed left and right in the reviews. I thought the characters and the croc all seemed much more believable, and that the story that existed outside of the giant killer croc scenario was just as interesting. Rogue just didnt do it for me on any level, which sucks because I wanted it to be awesome!

    I would place it well below Lake Placid, Alligator, and Primeval, but it at least beat out Big Alligator River, LP2, SuperCroc, DinoCroc, and the hundreds if not thousands of other croc flicks lol..

  5. I loved Rogue and thought it was a great movie. Great quality, great cast, and the underwater shot of the death roll was pretty fucking scary.

  6. I will absolutely give you that one, the death roll was awesome and probably the single greatest scene in the film, but the cave battle spoiled the awesome for me and took the film right back down to unbelievable for me.



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