Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shutter (2005)

While the US remake of this this film ranks among the worst of the recent plague of unoriginal cash-ins, the Thai original offers some truly frightening moments and creepy atmosphere. It is clear from the start that the film has drawn heavily from other Asian influences like Ju-On and The Eye, but it does manage to differentiate itself enough to stand out without coming off as a direct rip-off (I'm looking at you, Ju-Rei..). The minimalist score that is common in Asian horror has the same chilling effect in Shutter, heightening the tension as the characters cautiously investigate silent rooms and corridors. I also bought into the characters with greater ease than in the remake, which I question because I always fear the language barrier makes it easier for me to suspend disbelief. The best I can describe my issue with the remake is that the acting feels much more staged and scripted. The visuals and make-up are also very unsettling, but the film doesnt not rely on surprise alone. It offers many scary scenes set by clever light play and sharp editing. Though the film lacks some originality and is derivative of the entire Asian ghost horror trend, I enjoyed it and recommend checking it out. A photographer and his girlfriend are haunted by a vengeful spirit that begins appearing in his photos after they mistakenly hit and kill a pedestrian with their car, then flee the scene.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. Finally! Someone else who enjoyed this movie. I, too, thought it was well done, despite being a remake.

  2. Yeah.. About that.. lol.. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this was the review for the original, I wasnt a fan of the remake at all =D


  4. Okay. I'm speechless. Not sure what review I was reading yesterday. Your first sentence begins: "While the US remake of this this film ranks among the worst of the recent plague of unoriginal cash-ins..." Amazing how our eyes can see what with want to see sometimes--thanks egocentric blindness!

  5. lol dont worry I do it all the time, more often than not =D

  6. Thank you! LOVE this movie. Never saw the remake....and now likely never will. Your review made me want to watch it again...guess that is what I am doing tonight.



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