Snowbeast (1977)

Snowbeast is about a Wampa from Star Wars running around a ski resort and terrorizing slash eating the skiers. It is up to the manager, sheriff, and an ex-Olympian (??) to stop the beast before he ruins the annual ski fair! So, basically, this mediocre sleeper is an exact clone of Jaws.. No wait, Grizzly.. No wait, EVERYTHING. The beast is only shown in quick glimpses or as a disembodied arm bursting through windows, which I cant count against it, but each time a character faces impending doom, the screen pauses and fades to red as we saw in the edited version of Vault of Horror. The costume of the beast itself isnt bad by any means, I mean it is what it is, just a giant hairy Bigfoot. As for the acting and production, neither are particularly bad, though they perfectly embody the look and feel of the made for TV horror that ran rampant in the 70s ad early 80s. The biggest problem here is the dreadful pacing that completely detracts from the plot, with at least a third of the film being filled with either the characters or the monster roaming around in the snow. Snowbeast isnt a complete waste for Bigfoot and creature fans, but it walks well-tread ground and wont be appealing to most genre fanatics.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 0/10.

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  1. This movie is the biggest friggin' tease though. Even "Cloverfield" showed us the damn monster at times, but not this movie!

    If you're like me, you watch 70s monster movies to see how dated the effects end up. This movie just denies you that joy.

    Oh and Bo was never a good actor. Ever.

  2. dammit, I was all excited to bust this one out of the Drive-in Classics box come winter-time, and now I have nothing to look forward to! Thanks a LOT, you fuckin' guys! ;)

    Of course, I'll still watch it, and maybe I will have forgotten these discouraging words by then...

  3. Despite the review, Im glad to have finally seen it. If the boring scenes of nothingness had been cut down, it would have been much easier on the brain, but like Grizzly there is just too much down time and not enough throat ripping and brain eating


  5. Patch we missed ya, havent seen any of your reviews up lately so I had to stop by and say hey! Hope youre just busy and havent given up on the review scene, youre the cheese on my nachos =D