TftC: Four-Sided Triangle (1990)

Tales from the Crypt S2Ep9

"Four-Sided Triangle"

Director: Tom Holland
Cameos: Patricia Arquette.
Synopsis: A farm hand falls in love with a scarecrow after receiving a knock on the head from the farmer that is trying to plow her fields.
Moral: If you are going to plant your seed in the farm girl, dont let your wife do the gardening..
Humor: 2/10.
Irony: 7/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Suspense: 7/10.
Technical: 7/10.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. This is also the name of a classic Hammer film. The plot is quite a bit different though. Still...weird.

  2. Most interesting, I had no idea, it isnt a phrase I have ever heard either