Troll (1986)

Troll is a quintessential 80s Fantasy Horror offering made during the height of Full Moon's success. It is entirely free from constraint, and dares to be silly, stupid, and cheesy. Horror fans will be surprised to see early cameos of Sonny Bono and Julia Louise-Dreyfus turned into furry woodland creatures as an insidious troll begins transforming an apartment building and each of its tenants into a magical forest. It is up to the young Harry Potter (??) to team up with a friendly witch to save his sister and the world! The costumes and creatures range from cute to horribly misshapen and unconvincing rubber puppets, but regardless there are plenty of funny and unique beasties. The monsters also perform one of the most memorable music numbers in the genre, which has to be seen to believe. There are several genuinely hilarious moments to be found in the campy over the top acting, maintaining the light and innocent mood. The special FX are actually quite good for such a low budget film, with intricate stop-motion work and transformation sequences. Any B-Movie fans will have a blast with this one, what it lacks in scares it more than makes up for in entertainment!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. LOL! Great review!

    I just caught this again on Chiller the other night when I could not sleep. I had completely forgot about the "Harry Potter" - name. I heard that and I had to laugh. Sonny Bono's part was short (over the top)....and odd.

    I didn't realise it was a Full Moon production. I have to admit I was (am) still a big fan of the Full Moon catalog. Guilty pleasure for me.

  2. It was filmed under Empire Films, which is one of the many production companies that are all subsidiaries of what would later become Full Moon. The name Full Moon didnt come around until the early 90s I believe, but Ghoulies, Parasite, Troll, and many other goodies were directed or produced by Charles Band and use his standard roster of Stuart Gordon, his brother Richard Band, and other Full Moon favs


  4. Wow, Carl, thatnks for the info. I guess I should have paid better attention to the credits! Cool.


  5. A few additions if you don't mind:
    "Troll" is a Empire International Production, Empire lasted from 1983-1988, after that followed Full Moon which took over some of the unfinished Empire projects.
    Band founded Empire after having finished "Parasites" (Demi Moore's movie debut which got published by Band's fist company "Meda Entertainment", the later "Media Entertainment").

  6. Excellent additions, and much appreciated! I knew I had part of it right, but the beauty of being involved in the blogging community is getting to soak up even more information =D