Beneath Still Waters (2005)

While the make-up FX and visuals in this film were extremely ambitious, BENEATH STILL WATERS manages to take a unique plot and convolutes it with numerous inconsistencies topped by bland acting. A small town's secrets are buried under a wall of water when a damn opens its gates and floods the cursed city below. Forty years later, the ancient evil as awoken, and the Satanic plague is unleashed upon a new generation of victims. The film is very odd, because it starts off with a creature similar to the ooze in CREEPSHOW 2, then there is a skeletal beast that haunts the damn, but neither seem to have anything to do with the central villain Mordecai that is attempting to open the gates of hell from beneath the sunken city. At first glance, the film benefits from Horror vet Brian Yuzna's stylish eye, it just doesnt back up the visuals with any substance. It also lacks a linear narrative, and jumps back and forth between competing storylines with several of the characters, none of which are particularly interesting or relatable. Despite its flaws, there are still enough elements in the film that work to draw the audience in, even if there is no payoff in the end. Worth a least a single view!

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I thought this looked a little bit like DAGON, been wanting to see it for myself, but no one seems to have a whole lotta love for it. I remain determined, however. I will watch this. Thanks for reminding me! ;)

  2. Sounds like I am setting myself up for a letdown based on your review, but it sounds interesting enough to watch based on the creature elements you named.

  3. It actually has a very Lovecraftian feel to it, and constantly reminded me of DAGON. The problem is, Yuzna doesnt ever achieve the same level of atmosphere or quality in filmmaking as Gordon had. The film actually shares several cast members as well, since this was also made under Filmax. If you are a DAGON fan like me, you will probably find something to like here. It certainly wasnt a complete waste. It also references Crowley, but I am not as familiar with him so I couldnt draw the connections.