Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

Ehhhh-- WRONG!! NOT the TV series. I have kept my penis intact and I can honestly claim that I have never seen more than 5m of the series flipping through channels. We are talking about the crazy-cool 90s B-Movie that started it all! I havent seen this flick since (dont laugh) we got it on Pay-Per-View. Upon revisiting it, I was blown away to see faces like David Arquette, Ben Afflec, Hillary Swank, and countless others in the background, let alone Donald Sutherland and Rutger Hauer in leading roles. Buffy tells the tale of a ditsy high school cheerleader that is recruited by a skilled trainer after he discovers that she is the chosen vampire slayer foretold in the ancient prophecies. The film reeks of the 90s, and the depictions of the Valley Girls fall closer to conventional stereotypes rather than the clever satire found in Clueless. With a title and premise like this, one cant set their expectations too high, so it comes as no surprise that there are many contrived and illogical moments in the script, but for the fun of the film one must suspend disbelief, sit back, and enjoy. As for our big name actors, I wouldnt say this is their shining moments, but it is good to see familiar faces in the crowd. The cheap wire work and cheesy FX also shine through numerous times throughout the movie. My biggest beef with this one is the abrupt and anti-climactic ending after a steady build. For all the training and silly acting, I just wanted to see some sweet ass kicking in the end, but I only left with disappointment. Buffy is an enjoyable throwback film that has its moments treading between Romantic Comedy and Horror, but the memory of it outlives the film itself. I wish someone would make a 1950's version of the film in black and white, that would be a total blast!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. I was a bit worried when I saw the title of this blog entry....he is going to pan this one, I just know it....not only do I like Vincent Price, but I like Buffy (the movie) and he doesn't....he will never talk to me again..

    When I stoped my mind jumping to all those conclusions and read your post I was soooo happy. I agree with you....and then there is the dreadful soundtrack :)


  2. No one can really hate on the film, it is what it is, a fun and silly B-Movie!