Flight of the Living Dead (2006)

AKA "Excruciatingly Boring Generic Zombie Movie Where the Horrible Acting and Plot are Only Exceeded by the Shitty CG." There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this movie. The logical inconsistencies and continuity errors are absolutely impossible to overlook. Prime example: its clear from the start of the film that they couldnt afford many extras, and the establishing shots in the first hour show no more than 30 passengers in a plane full of empty seats. The magic zombie / leprechaun faerie must have been one of them, because the eventual zombie outbreak shows at least 30+ zombies being killed, while more than half of the extras and cast are still alive.

The set design looks like the film sneaked on to the Snakes on a Plane set after hours to film this travesty, with the only major difference being that this plane looks like it is 40' long judging by the one cabin it shows on screen. Fans of terrible computerized FX and CG blood are in for a treat, because this one easily tops the list in the Shit category. The exterior shots of the plane look like they came straight out of the cut scenes from Warcraft 2. Even if the horrible genre cliches were meant as some sort of ironic satire, the audience is never laughing with the film, only at it.. And does it really take 1hr to establish the characters in a zombie film? There is NO action for the first hour of the film amazingly, so the only audience members left to see just how bad the film gets are the few of us that thought "Heh.. Flight of the Living Dead.. Thats funny because its a take on Night of the Living Dead.. I'll pay $0.01 for that on Amazon!" Waste of my god damned money. I had to watch it this second time so that the $3.00 I paid after shipping equated to $1.00 per hour of entertainment.

Dont watch this film, unless you treasure SciFi Channel originals or hate your life and are looking for wasteful ways to spend your days to punish yourself for living. A zombie plague is unleashed on an unsuspecting aircraft; nothing happens, then its over.

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 3/10.
Gore: 4/10 (Points deducted for lack of physical FX).
Number of views: 2.

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  1. Thanks again, for taking one for the team!



  2. i'm glad you enjoyed it so much ;)

  3. I disagree, I liked this film quite a bit actually :D

  4. I HATED this one. What made it so perplexing was the plethora of good notices it got prior to me renting it when it first came out. I've only ever bought a scant handful of movies I wish I'd never purchased. I am so glad this wasn't one of them.

  5. Well, I've already reviewed this film (cheap plug for my site) and said my piece to a pretty good extent.

    Bad horror comedy with CG blood and terrible acting. Even turning the curator from 'The Mummy' into a zombie does not save this film.

    Another point comes off for the 'sequel teaser' ending. Nice try, movie.