Madhouse (1974)

A veteran horror movie icon is driven mad after his fiance is brutally murdered. Upon his release from the institution years later, he is coaxed into reproaching the role that made him famous, but the horror has only begun as a trail of bodies lie in the wake of the latest installment of Dr. Death! This film couldnt have been cast with more appropriate actors, with both Vincent Price and Peter Cushing playing characters of themselves in a self-aware Slasher recalling many of their previous roles. As it stands, the film is a pedestrian retread of most other Slashers, but does manage to incorporate some of the elements of the Gialli that were booming in Italy at the time (particularly the black-gloved killer motif). It is not that the acting or plot are necessarily bad, it is just that neither stand out to make this film particularly memorable or interesting. There are a few bloody and rather brutal deaths in this one, but they are easily overshadowed by Price's previous entry Theater of Blood, and each have been done better before and since. Price fans are likely to enjoy this one, otherwise it can easily be missed.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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  1. Ah, crap, I LOVE this one....sorry about that. I am just a fanboy....fangirl....actually lets just say fanfrog when it comes to Mr. Price :)

    I am sure that I will spend the rest of my blog life apologizing to you for that. :)


  2. We'll let this one slide lol.. It really isnt bad at all, but when it has to stand up to Price's recent films at the time like Theater of Blood and the Phibes series, it just wasnt as unique or engaging. It was great seeing Price and Cushing go head to head though!