Theater of Blood (1973)

A failed thespian returns from the grave to exact his revenge against the critics he blames for destroying his career in this Vincent Price vehicle. This was another perfectly suited role for the character actor, and perhaps explains my mixed feelings about his career in film. Price proves himself to be a true Shakespearean actor with his roots in theater, and he excels in each of the roles that allow him to take his performances to far extremes and eccentricities. His unique cadences and accent play much better in a theatrical setting, making this one of my favorite of his films to date. The revenge plot is not unlike the Phibes films, with the most notable differences being the more serious and somber tone set in a much less flashy environment. Each of the ironic deaths serve a significant purpose and are marked by the plays and performances that drove the character mad. The title is also very fitting, as the film delivers on the promised blood and grue. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, though it is much more conventional and low-key as compared to the similarly themed Phibes saga.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. Who can even remotely-dislike a movie that has Vincent Price stabbing a guy whilst dressed as Achilles or has the lady from 'The Avengers' seemingly-dressed as the mustachioed drummer from 'The Muppet Show?' Who- I ask you, who?

    Seriously though, I love this movie. It is even worth having the less-than-stellar "Madhouse" bundled with it. That's another one people forget, but for good reason. It stinks!

  2. I already need to reproach Dr Phibes to see which I prefer, because I really liked Theater