Underworld: Evolution (2006)

This sequel is the exact big budget upgrade that the original didnt need. It was inevitable that the follow-up would receive much better treatment after the success of the first, however it only acts in the film's disinterest. The extravagant sets and bigger, badder action sequences are always nice eye candy, but do not fit the tone or feel created previously. The direction the plot takes is also a very weak choice considering the infinite possibilities the series had laid before it. Here, the vampire lord Marcus sets out to free his imprisoned brother William, the first Lycan, in order to take over the world with a new breed of hybrid creatures in their own image. It is up to Selene to stop them both and save the world! On paper, that sounds great, but the execution falls desperately short. None of the acting, costumes, or FX are necessarily bad, I just always find myself asking "Why?" the whole time I am watching the film. There are also several awkward hang-ups that stop the pacing dead in its tracks, particularly the sex scene that is entirely unnecessary and unwanted. Without spoiling anything, the climax also gives an unsatisfactory closure to even more key players and effectively ends the continuation of the saga when there should have easily been 3-4 films that could have been made before ending it all. The prequel that follows this one was the absolute right move to make, but we can only hope that future fills will make better use of the characters and mythology.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 3.

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  1. from this series i only saw the 1st one. it was okay i guess. i tried watching this one but i failed miserably.

    but like Depp's Pirates movie and the Matrix it seems like someone made a pretty okay movie that did well. then the studios decided to make some sequels that are sort of a mish mash thrown together bunch of blah that make you think well the 1st one was good. i liked the first one.

    i doubt there's a single soul out there that wold say the third Pirate's movie was better than the 1st. well maybe that guy Fibber McLiar.

  2. Yeah but McLiar lost credibility when he gave The Wicker Man remake a 5/10.. It easily deserved at least a 2.

  3. I really don't remember much from this movie, except a couple cool gags in the final battle (you probably know what I'm talking about). Not good. Not bad. Just..meh