The Woods (2006)

At first glance, The Woods comes off as a cheap imitation of Suspiria, with a near-identical plot line, setting, and atmosphere. Anyone willing to invest their time in the film will find that it is actually a well-constructed homage supported by competent acting and directing. Lucky McKee proves once again that he has an amazing visual eye, engaging the audience with smooth transitions, a beautiful but muted color palette, masterful framing, and elegant set pieces that each contribute to a timeless look and feel. A better cast could not have been selected for the film, although it isnt one single performance that sets it apart, but rather that each of the players are very fitting in each of their respective roles. I enjoy this film more and more with each viewing, and though it lacks the visceral gore and brutal violence of The Three Mothers trilogy, this would have made a much more worthy successor to Inferno than The Mother of Tears. Those seeking blood and guts need not apply, but anyone seeking a dark, atmospheric, and subtle Gothic Horror tale will find plenty to love. A stubborn new student finds herself caught in the midst of a coven of witches as she discovers the secrets behind the disappearances of several of her classmates from their remote boarding school. Highly recommended!

Rating: 9/10.
Number of views: 4.

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  1. I also love The Woods. Not even close to being in the same ballpark as May, but it rocks nonetheless.

    Did you know Angela Bettis is in the movie as the voice that comes from the woods!

  2. I forget where I originally heard it but I know she was at least one if not all of the voices in the woods. Angela coupled with the Bruce cameo makes for good eats!

  3. I was really surprised by this one. Had a great time with it.

  4. Im glad to see all of the positive feedback, I was expecting a negative backlash for rating this one highly but considering how small the picture really is and how much McKee achieved, I think it is certainly one of the better low budget indie films to come out in the last several years!

  5. what a great movie but who sings the songs in the movie? by teresa

  6. Im not sure if Angela Bettis sang the songs, since I know she played a background voice in the forest, but here are the credits from IMDB:

    Original Music by
    John Frizzell
    Jaye Barnes Luckett (uncredited)