Gamera Vs Gaos (1967)

Japanese road developers are devastated to find out that a volcanic eruption has awoken the flying monster Gaos, who blocks the new highway from being completed. It is up to Gamera to defeat the bird-like menace and save the workers from the horrors of unemployment!! Not.. being.. facetious.. This is the actual plot of the movie.. The only thing worse than the senseless plot is the stiff costume of Gaos itself, as depicted in an artist's rendition below:

Actual Costume:Neither of the creature designs in this sequel are convincing in the least, making it difficult to suspend disbelief while watching the mayhem unfold. Gaos looks like a cheap wooden toy at best, and the newest rendition of Gamera isnt much better. Most of the battles consist of lame laser exchanges while a motionless Gaos is flown across the screen using visible wires. To the film's credit, Gaos' laser blasts do some serious damage, delivering serveral gaping and bloodied wounds to Gamera and slicing through cars and planes in some ambitious prop work. The human characters are all pretty goofy, and the tone is much lighter as it seems to be aimed at younger audiences. For my taste, it is the set and costume design that sell a giant monster movie, and this entry fails to impress.

Rating: 4/10.
Entertainment: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I assume this is the dubbed Sandy Frank version? It's notably worse than the AIP TV dub under the title RETURN OF THE GIANT MONSTERS. This a huge fan favorite and considered the best of the sequels. Personally, I think GAMERA VS. MONSTER X is the best of the sequels not counting the later "new" Gamera flick, GAMERA SUPER MONSTER.

  2. Definitely the Sandy Frank version, I just couldnt get past how the costumes in the series function, Gaos' and Barugon's jaws remind me of the snapping dragon costumes they use during Chinese New Years. Everything feels so much more rigid in the series as compared to G. Someday I may have to pick up the legitimately dubbed versions that were released to video in the 90s, but really I dont know that its the dialogue necessarily that is as distracting.