Godzilla (1998)

The big-budget American reinvention of the classic Kaiju monster can be looked at as a complete failure or a success. No one can deny the effective use of computerization that has held up fairly well in the last decade, but the fact that Godzilla was even done in CG to begin with fundamentally goes against everything the character and its creators established. Whats worse is the frequent addition of comic relief that riddles the plot. While it cheapens the film for hardcore Godzilla fans, it also opened it up to the broader public that appeared in droves for earlier blockbusters like ID4. The film jettisoned Godzilla back onto the big screen, and made the character accessible to younger audiences. Looking past the differences in tone and design, the film just isnt that good. After a moderately fast-paced introduction (minus the annoying characters), the second act of the film jolts to a stop as the cast searches the sewers and Madison Square Garden for Godzilla's nest. All the audience finds is dry, emotionless acting and a whole lot of boredom. The action sequences are well done, but the destruction of the city just doesnt have the same impact since the computerized buildings lack the weight of the tangible debris found in its practical predecessors. The muted blue and green filters on top of the constant rain also cause Godzilla to blend into the backgrounds, which was great for hiding any of the monster's flaws, but is also a strain on the eye. Broderick and company sell the picture as the scripted American reality the filmmakers aimed for, but none of the characters represent real people. GODZILLA (1998) is best watched as a mindless spectacle that is devoid of any depth or social commentary, but serves as enough eye candy to warrant a view or two.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 5.

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  1. I'm not sure what's worse, this movie, or the bloated bowel movement that is FINAL WARS. First off, Godzilla would never run from the military nor could he be harmed by rockets and such weapons as that.

    Toho gave the filmmakers a literal ten commandments that they were to abide by while making this abomination and the Devlin (Devil?) and Emmirich (or however you spell his name) ignored them all. They were really funny in their interviews putting down the Japanese films and touting how awesome their overbudgeted eyesore was going to be.

    Also, how the hell does a giant monster hide in the subway system of NYC and not be seen???

    Like HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES, I had to pay to see this shit twice to make sure what I had seen the first time around was truly as horrible as I had initially surmised.

    Actually, I think it matters little how much computer graphics (which are rarely realistically pulled off anyways) are utilized in Japanese monster movies as it has been ingrained in Americans heads for decades that Japanese sci fi represents men running around in rubber suits stomping on toy trucks and buildings. It wouldn't matter how good the effects are, the films will always be perceived as "fake".

  2. As I sat and watched GvMechaG tonight, all I could think about was how I was able to buy into the monsters 100% and completely suspend disbelief when the monsters are in the rubber suits, and how the whole time I was watching Godzilla 1998 I was obsessed with picking the CG apart. It never occurs to me that theres a person in the costumes for the Kaiju films, I dont know how I perceive them while Im watching it but it almost seems to me like they are remote controlled. I am sucked right into the carnage.

  3. In my opinion this movie is one of the most epic failures of all time. The fact that it is constantly shown on the Disney Family network attests to how much the film makers missed the point.

  4. i hated this movie. sad thing is like Venoms5 i paid to see it. i knew full well that the jerks who made Independence Day made this and i went anyway. terrible. and the Aliens/ baby godzillas running around Madison Garden made my mind sad. also the revamped/ iguana looking G-zilla was a bad move too. Godzilla is a classic. that's like remaking King Kong but instead of a giant ape King Kong is a tall chimp. just not the same.

    i'm surprised you gave it a 7 out of 10. seems a bit high. -7 is more like it. to me anyway.

  5. For a big budget American blockbuster, its an average film, and as much as I hate certain aspects of the raping, I tried to separate myself from the original films and rate it as if this was the first Godzilla film that was ever made. My 7 is most people's 5, and as bad as the film is by comparison, I have to admit there are aspects I dont entirely hate. I know, I know.. Heresy..