Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2003)

While MECHAGODZILLA makes for another entertaining entry in the series, there are no notable differences in the conventional Kaiju plotline and characters that set it apart any. Japan raises funds to build a cybernetic replica of Godzilla using the skeleton of the original 1954 monster that has been modified with a huge arsenal in order to stop the new beast that has been destroying the country. There is nothing particularly bad in any of the acting or dialogue, but the scenes involving the human characters only serve to fill the runtime between battles. This newest version of Mechagodzilla is armed to the teeth with rockets, lasers, and a new freeze ray that destroys cells on a molecular level. You can expect all the same high quality miniatures and awesome giant monster brawling that can be found in each of the other Millennium era films, but thats about it.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Yes, glad to see this one. A favorite of the graveyard crew!! We love this one. Wait, there may have been some drinking involved.... :D


  2. Im looking forward to going back to the original Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla, I like the idea of Mechagodzilla wearing fake Godzilla skins and terrorizing the town, since it begs the question "Who is the mad scientist behind this fiasco?" =D

  3. I had a lot of fun with this new version of MG. The scene where the robot, built from the bones of the original monster, reverts back to his instincts after something is triggered when Godzilla roars was pretty damn cool. Japan was helpless to stop the rampaging robot till its batteries ran down.

    The battles were really top notch, too. The next installment, GODZILLA, MOTHRA, MECHAGODZILLA: TOKYO SOS feels more like an extension of this movie than a separate film. The biggest difference from the older MG films is that in those, aliens built the machine and in the later ones, man built the massive robot monster.

    Carl, you missed one or are you saving it for later? I don't see GODZILLA, MOTHRA, KING GHIDORAH: GIANT MONSTERS ALL OUT ATTACK from 2002.

  4. I liked this one, the battles were flash and it was still a lot of fun, but while Mechagodzilla is undeniably cool looking, I feel like I could put the various Godzilla plotlines and potential villains in a hat and pull this film out.

    I thought I had rearranged the DVDs in the box set correctly in chronological order, but I must have swapped those two by mistake. GMAOA is next on the watch list, then I am done with Godzilla for a bit until the next batch of movies come in.

    BUT, fans of my non-Kaiju films can let out a joined groan of agony, since my Gamera box set should be showing up this week!! Woo Hoo!!