Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla II (1993)

I dont know what it is about Mechagodzilla, but despite how awesome the concept is, the execution of the metal beast in the two Godzilla films I have seen featuring it just do not use the character to its full potential. The Godzilla task force designs a new metallic version of Japans greatest foe using the technology stolen from the robotic Mechaghidorah defeated years prior, and then sends a new team of pilots to use the weapon against Godzilla during his most recent rampage. The film heralds the return of the classic Kaiju monster Rodan for the first time in the Heisei era, but the fire-breathing Pteranodon is completely underutilized, which is a shame since the costuming and maneuverability for the creature have been greatly enhanced. The action and set designs for this entry are unremarkable by all means, making it a generic and forgettable number in the long line of films. This sequel also marks the birth of Baby Godzilla, who only serves as a catalyst for the carnage as Rodan and Godzilla race to find him. It is nice to see some linear structure in the plot carried over from the previous films, but while the human characters and writing show slight improcements from the pictures preceding it, as a whole the film just isn't that interesting. Watch it for more awesome costuming and the inevitable monster brawls. Brain off, monsters on!

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Oh cmon entertainment is 11/10. lol Brain off monsters on nice

  2. Behind BIOLLANTE, this was my favorite of the Heisei series. Lots of action and I thought Kawakita was in top form here as opposed to other entries. This was a highlight of the mostly average 90's series, IMO.

    The only real problem I have with this entry, is that I wish they'd of used the original Rodan concept (he's Radon in the Japanese versions) from the '56 version as opposed to the more prehistoric look of the one seen here.

    The original MG's are always preferable, IMO as they had that whole alien angle going on and MG had even more weapons at his disposal. Some people dis the entries with the aliens, but it's science fiction after all. Just go with it and enjoy the show. A shame FINAL WARS ruined that concept.

  3. I dont know why I dislike so many of the Heisei films as much as I do, I was hoping to enjoy every film in the series. I just dont buy into the 90s action as readily as I did in the later Millennium films. What I am hoping is that the second watch through in a year or so after I have seen the entire series will allow me to put them into a greater perspective in relation to the other films.

  4. For me, the first viewing when they were first released to subbed VHS then subbed DVD from fareast, I really liked them. But upon seeing them over again, I lost interest in them as Kawakita repeats himself over and over again in the effects department.