Godzilla Vs Megaguirus (2000)

GvM follows GODZILLA 2000 in the new Millennium film series, and pits the giant lizard against the hive queen of a mutant race of dragonflies that are unleashed when the anti-Godzilla task force opens a man-made black hole in an attempt to rid the world of Godzilla completely. The special FX sequences in the film manage to impress once again, with the flooded city of Osaka serving as one of the most convincing set pieces in the series. The new flying baddie Megaguirus shows more articulation and maneuverability than most of the other villains preceding it, making for several high-powered and creative battles. While the human element attempts to pull off an epic SciFi angle with the black hole generator, the plot still feels very by the books and average. There are some interesting concepts in introducing black holes with the potential for alternate realities that arent fully explored, but the acting and pacing are both enough to carry the feature. The use of slow-motion and larger amount of computerization in the film also hinders it a bit, since the slow-mo that is intended to hide the handicaps of the hulking costumes only serves to accentuate them. The good far outweighs the bad in this entry, and it serves as another fun episode in the modern Godzilla era!

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I really had a lot of fun with this one and was able to pick up the lively score from female composer Michiro Oshima. The Meganulon creatures are the same insect creatures featured in the original RODAN (1956). I also liked the new refurbished Godzilla defense force. It reminded me of the ULTRAMAN series. The scene where the main female character rides Godzilla's back was also different and Tezuka was an ace at creating varied monster battles.

    I think all his films were really good. He also directed the 2005 special effects filled remake of the Sonny Chiba classic, TIME SLIP (1979) about a military regiment armed with tanks and a helicopter that get transported back to Feudal Samurai times and threaten to alter history. Oh yes, sword wielding Samurai and nasty ninjas versus machine gun armed and grenade tossing soldiers!

  2. The scene where she is riding Godzilla definitely stood out, and I really enjoyed the interaction between Megaguirus and big G, it felt more like what Battra should have been able to do in MOTHRA BFE (rather than just shoot lasers and fly around with minimal articulation). I enjoyed it, but I guess I wanted to see a cross-dimensional fight where G and MG crossed through the wormhole and entered other dimensions and battlegrounds, maybe a volcano field or the arctic?

  3. My only complaint is that in Megaguirus' first big reveal shot, the wires are very visible! It's only in that one shot really, but damn is it obvious!

    That said, I love the idea of shooting black holes at Godzilla.