Friday, September 11, 2009

Godzilla Vs Spacegodzilla (1994)

An outright disaster in all forms. A G-cell from Godzilla trails off of Mothra in space after their last encounter, then fuses with exploded stars to create a new superbeast: Spacegodzilla. The creature returns to earth, while the UN attempts to rid the world of both creatures using their own new robotic creation Mogera. Whether it was due to bad scripting or terrible dubbing, trying to follow the storyline surrounding the human characters was one of the most incoherent and mind-numbing experiences of my life. The film feels like a jumble of random events, and includes telepathic characters, a brief appearance by Godzilla Jr, and the return of the Mothra's singing twins, none of whom have any place or particular importance in the film. Though Spacegodzilla offers an excellent new costume design, his abilities are ill-defined and he is anything but a formidable foe. The final battle between the two reptilian menaces and the robot is drawn out and anti-climactic, and may be the first time I have ever prayed for the fighting to end in any Godzilla film. While the miniature settings are still up to par with most other Toho efforts, there are times when the battles reflect a bad episode of Power Rangers, thanks mostly in part to the unnecessary addition of Mogera. All of this is set to a John Williams-esque score, which only enhances the goofiness. For Godzilla purists only, and even then its a stretch.

Rating: 4/10.
Entertainment: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I couldn't even finish this one but if I did, it would have gotten a 1/10 for sure.

  2. Spacegodzilla looks sweet, but god man the friggin battle at the end just kept going and going.. I dont blame you for skipping out on this one, it was just so random. And what the hell happened to Godzilla Jr, he got put in a hole? Was it at least an evil hole? Godzilla sure seemed sad after it happened, but it didnt seem to have any lasting effects.

  3. Oh cmon lol.... this is an 11/10 film. I request you do a review of Godzilla Final Wars has almost every monster in a huge planetary smack down...

  4. Ill be working my way up to it in the next several weeks / months as I finish all of the films preceding it, cant wait even though its been regarded as one of the worst films in the series by many of the Godzilla fans =D

  5. This one bored me for the most part. The music was lame as was that asteroid belt sequence. There were some grand composite shots here, but Kawakita continues to show his laziness and boredom with the series in this movie.

    This movie was the equivalent to GODZILLA VS. THE SMOG MONSTER in terms of its awfulness....that is until the titanic kaiju turd that is FINAL WARS was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. I don't see how any serious fan can claim that movie is a Kaiju smackdown when none of the monster battles save for the 70's style final clash lasts for more than 60 seconds.

    I have an old review for FINAL WARS I may post at my site (in the Dis List) although I don't know if I can be bothered to use pics from it and may use pics from infinitely better movies instead.

  6. It really was good old fashioned aweful, but man I just cant imagine FW being that bad! Then again, I always thought Destroy All Monsters was a pretty lame clip show growing up.. Waiting to watch DAM until after I finish a bunch of the Showa films, then expect a review

  7. FINAL WARS is beyond awful, IMO. It's 2 hours long and after the opening few minutes you don't see the Big G till an hour later. There's far more MATRIX kung fu fighting than monster action. The scenes with the monsters might breach 20 minutes....MIGHT. The Keith Emerson score is awful and the film is overloaded with ideas from Toho sci fi films that go nowhere (such as the general plot of GORATH which is stated as a major threat but then dropped and never heard of again). The Godzilla design is pretty bad. He looks like a thin cat. The painfully short and stupid monster "fights" do not help at all and these are based on the 70's style "pick-the empty-suit-up-by-the-tail-and-slam-into-the-dirt-3-4-5-times-ad-infinitum".....


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