Laserblast (1978)

This late-70s SciFi Horror show has all of the trappings of a bad B-Movie, but interspersed with the paper-thin plotline and boring characters are hints of awesome as only Charles Band could manage. After a small town misfit finds an alien laser cannon while throwing rocks in the desert (?), he finds that with each laser blast he fires, he becomes more and more possessed by a monstrous alien spirit. The beings that misplaced the device are soon on to him, and return to reclaim their weapon. There is very little attempt to give depth to any of the characters in the film, so the audience is left with a garden variety jobless loser that spends more time getting in jealous fights over his girlfriend than working or even throwing rocks in the desert. The occasional laser scenes offer predictable results: STAR WARS-esque light beams exploding beater cars with stunt doubles in them. What is most impressive here is the amazing claymation used in the creation of the alien creatures. Though the scenes comprise a minimal amount of screentime, it lends immediate credibility to the design team, who also contributed decent make-up work in Billy's final transformation. I wish I could say that the special FX work was enough to warrant a view, but this effort is best left to hardcore Cult and B-Movie fans, and will not appeal to the average genre fan.

Rating: 4/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I first caught this on Shock Theater back in the early 80's. I only remember the aliens at the opening and ending, the guy who turns into a green(?) monster and his laser gun attached to his arm and a ton of explosions. Wasn't he getting revenge on those who wronged him, or something to that effect?

  2. To some extent, but he also got revenge on random nameless driver, random nameless guy driving the truck he hitchhiked with, and countless others. The aliens truly were amazing, the stop-motion animation was easily on par with the chess game in Star Wars, possibly even the same creator?