Amityville Dollhouse (1997)

There is nothing that makes this flick stand out in any way; nothing unique, fun, or scary. But somehow, it actually isn't bad. That isn't to say that it's good, or that it comes recommended, but it manages to fill out an hour and a half without putting you to sleep. A family moves into a new house, but strange things start occurring after the father gives his daughter an elaborate (and familiar looking) dollhouse that he finds in the shed out back. The family is turned upside down as they are haunted by the demons that are unleashed from the toy set. The film has a feel that is much closer to that of the HOUSE series than the other AMITYVILLE sequels, but packs a serious tone and some surprising make-up FX, including an impressive winged demon in the end. Though it isn't without a few goofy moments brought on by the token psychic characters, the overall performances in the film are a step above the previous entries in the series. The original AMITY series ends up being more like an anthology of haunted house tales, and as such, DOLLHOUSE serves as a decent bookend before the series got any worse.

Rating: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. How can you not mention zombie dad? Especially considering his make-up is a mask that includes the mouth and teeth as the whole front.

    For me, it was interesting. Then again, I watched it AFTER 'It's About Time,' so the scale is quite relative.

  2. I loosely implied his presence in the HOUSE reference, but decided against mentioning him directly since explaining it was going to take more time than I wanted to invest lol..

  3. 'This film has Zombie Dad in it.' That's all you really need to say- people can read what they want into it.

    Besides, what else has Zombie Dad in it besides the 'Sometimes, They Come Back' series? Nothing- that's what.

  4. Nice, its like BAM, Zombie Dad, 'nough said