Full Metal Yakuza (1997)

After a Yakuza assassin and new recruit are killed in gang crossfire, a crazed scientist rebuilds the two into a cybernetic killing machine that is bent on avenging their deaths. FMY combines elements of Action, SciFi, Crime, and Horror into a cheesy but entertaining revenge flick. While there is more than enough blood to spare in the over-the-top action sequences, there is an equal amount of cheesiness and bad CG work. This would mark my second Yakuza film following ICHI, so while I cannot compare it to other Yakuza entries, I can say that it follows all of the same bland strokes as any other American gangster flick while owing much to the superior films like ROBOCOP. It isn't that the acting or plotting are bad, the film just is not as unique or original as Miike's films to follow. I would put this one on the back burner unless you are a hardcore Miike or Yakuza fan.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I can't remember...Is this the one when the Yakuza dude smashes the dog against the window of the restaurant?!

    Full Metal Yakuza is an okay film...I own it and actually tried to watch it a couple times before getting through it due to passing out each time. Definitely not Miike's best, but not his worst either.

  2. Matt, I think your talking about Gozu, another Miike film.

    But Yakuza felt to me like Miikes version of Robocop. Only more fucked up!

    Also, its one of Miikes low budget flicks, I think it was done early in his career. It shows in the low production values. I own it, but its not one of my favorite Miike films, like Gozu, Ichi, or Western Django. Still the movie is an amusing watch in my book.

  3. Agreed, the flick is watchable, but I think once was enough for me, I'll take ICHI for my money.

  4. You seen a lot of Miike, cause I can recommend some, Ive seen quite a few of his films.

  5. I have one sitting at the house, Foduh? Fokuh? Something like that that my buddy at work let me borrow, then from there I have only seen VISITOR Q, ICHI, IMPRINT, FULL METAL YAKUZA, AUDITION, and ONE MISSED CALL, so I have had a decent start but there is plenty left to cover. Im always up for recommendations!

  6. Fudoh is cool, but again, its some of his early work. His films get better with time, as he progresses in his career.

    Highly recommend Gozu, its like a David Lynch film but through the eyes of Miike, if that isnt fucked up enough of a description I dont know what is.

    But seriously, Gozu will become one of the craziest films you will ever see in your life! Its insane! Watch it all the way to the ending! Highest possible recommendation.