Godzilla Vs Hedorah (1972)

HEDORAH sends an anti-pollution message as told through the smoke screen of a giant monster bash. The film has fallen under harsh criticism for its forced agenda, but I didn't find it to be overbearing and it was actually refreshing to see a film of this type take a positive stance. The pollution generated from the recent years of industrial growth in Japan spark the birth of Hedorah, the smog monster, who sets off to consume the Earth's waste in order to grow in strength and destroy the world! It is up to Godzilla and a band of scientists to stop the beast before everyone is killed. While I don't mind the message of the film, there are several awkward elements that do detract from its enjoyability. The film opens with an out of place Bond theme, there are numerous breaks in the action that cutaway to music and dancing, and Godzilla suddenly has the ability to fly by blasting his heat beam at the ground behind him. The scrawny costume and cheesy boxing moves that were not uncommon in the 70s Godzilla entries are definitely present in this one, but the three variations of Hedorah are actually pretty cool and unique. Most fans go into the films accepting the exposition but waiting for the sweet fight scenes, but I found the extended action sequences to be too drawn out and uneventful to be entertaining, and I actually longed for more story. Overall, the film does offer a darker tone and plenty of fighting, but it falls short of average.

Monsters: Godzilla, Hedorah.

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I do like that the DVD Menu is in on the joke about this movie's silliness. The scene where he 'flies' is labeled as 'Something You Don't See Every Day.' Too true, movie.

    I do have a soft spot for the movie, since I don't find environmental films to be that annoying, even when they are bad like 'Prophecy' was.

    I still have to ask though: what are the red orbs that Godzilla pulls out of Hedorah? Those aren't his eyes, so...eww.

  2. What confused me about the orbs is he beats the living shit out of Hedorah, removes the orbs, then destroys them too, then Hedorah changes shape and flies off again, only for Godzilla to repeat the same friggin process over again after another 10m of bland fighting? I have no clue what the orbs were, but apparently they werent very important.

  3. the ords were hedorah eggs