Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982)

I hate typing "HALLOWEEN 3" before SEASON OF THE WITCH. This film is SEASON OF THE WITCH. I will bite my tongue and allow the haters to hate, because we all know this isn't the direction that Michael Myers fans wanted to see the series take, but it falls in line with Carpenter's original intent in establishing the HALLOWEEN series as an anthology of creepy films set around the most unholy of holidays.

I love SEASON OF THE WITCH. It is an original and sinister Horror film at heart that captures all of the darker aspects of the holiday. A doctor sets off with a young woman whose father was killed after visiting the leading manufacturer of the years top Halloween masks, only to find that the company has a horrifying plot it plans to unleash upon this year's trick 'r treaters.. I refuse to divulge the secrets behind the masks, or what that plan may be, but suffice it to say that it is one of the cruelest and unfitting punishments in film. Tom Atkins leads this one as only he can; he is a beer drinking, womanizing man's man, and he lays the ol' Atkins charm on thick here. He is such an unexpected hero in each of his films, but this Joe Everyman offers a strong if not quirky performance as the misguided doctor that must reluctantly save the world. The film is surprisingly one of the gorier entries in the series, but on top of the head-crushing and face 'splosions, there are also creepier moments where pestilence and plagues seep from the victims wounds in a series of deaths with ancient religious undertones.* Who could ever forget the Silver Shamrock jingle, either? There are many striking moments that make this film stand out, but while I am a big proponent of the film, I cant ignore that the acting leaves something to be desired and the pacing struggles at many points throughout the film. Any of you that have left this one sitting in the dust as you skip over it year after year, please pop it in and form a new opinion on it separate from the HALLOWEEN universe. As a stand alone film, it offers a fun and twisted viewing experience that deserves more credit that it is often given. Its kind of late and I don't feel like I have done the film justice in this review, so I may reproach it at a later date.

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 7.

*Dont forget the awesome rattlesnake.

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  1. It is a wacky, weird flick. Gotta just hold on and enjoy the ride!


  3. Lol.... wasnt a fan sorry. I do agree with the gore factor tho. Heads were smashed.

  4. I literally cant get the wife to watch this one, she downright refuses. I have to beg her every year and she went in the other room again on this years run

  5. Not only one of my favorite horror movies, but one of my favorite movies period. Halloween can't happen if I don't watch this movie every year. And I've tried to get my wife to watch it but gave up a long time ago...

  6. I cannot believe that EVERYONE is on board with you on this one. But, add me to the list.


  7. This one is a big hit with my sons. We all run around singing their little ditty about a week before Halloween.

    "Four more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Four more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock."

    We're odd.:)

  8. I'm also shocked that everyone seems to be agreeing with ya and I can't agree more. People only bash this film cause it's called Halloween 3 and Myers isn't it. If it was just released as 'Season of the Witch', everyone would love it and it'd be a yearly classic like the original Halloween and like Trick 'r Treat will become. I firmly believe that.

  9. One of my favorite of the Halloween movies, many dont know it, but Carpenters original purpose with the Halloween movies was to make a different Halloween story every Halloween.

    But people just had to love Michael Myers to death...and so we've gotten to the point were we have a lame film like Halloween Resurrection.

    But Season of the Witch kicks ass on its own. Its got an incredibly sinister tone to it. I love that its one of the few movies to really have a gutsy ending.

    Tom Atkins playing once again the cigar chomping detective!

  10. I enjoyed this one a lot and even more so for it being so daring as to deviate from the original series formula. The addition of Stacy Nelkin helps a lot, too.

  11. I used to really hate this one. Not because Myers isn't in it. That's fine with me. It's just a really dumb flick with annoying characters and Stonehenge. I just didn't get why people liked this one so much.

    But as I grew older and now that I watch it more, it's really grown on me. I think I gave it a low score when I reviewed it years ago, but I would definitely increase it. It's one of those so bad it's good kind of films. It's not my favorite horror film but it's definitely a fun one to make jokes about with your buddies. And Little Buddy getting murdered is one of my favorite horror scenes, however. Silver Shamrock rules!

  12. Little Buddy had it coming, he had rattlesnake face written all over him

  13. agree completely. this, along with poltergeist and demons 2, is a film i could watch every day and not get tired of. best film of the halloween series save the original.


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