Offspring (2008)

Someone needs to tell these people that this film was already made in the 80s as BEWARE! CHILDREN AT PLAY (not that the original was any better). A band of feral children cannibalize the countryside on their quest for blood and power, as the surviving members of their latest attack struggle to survive. There is a decent amount of gore in this little shocker, but after a bloody intro, the characters and plot just can't keep it together. The audience is introduced to a series uninteresting and poorly acted players while following a dizzying camera that literally loses focus at several points. The merry band of meat-eaters all look pretty goofy, with their emo haircuts and Ambercrombie loin clothes. There is very little believability in any of the cannibals, but if you are willing to suspend disbelief the lead matriarch does serve as a creepy enough baddie. As a smaller Independent entry, it makes for an OK twist on THE HILLS HAVE EYES, but the forced sensationalism and comic gore don't make up for the bland characterizations and thin plotting. Its a mixed bag here, folks; it is a watchable effort with some pretty good FX, but it won't be winning any awards.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Why do all these "series" entries - like the After Dark and now Ghost House fests - SUCK so fucking much? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Captcha - "hystable"; I used to be "hystable", but my doctor gave me a shot and settled me down.

  2. They are extremely hit or miss, but there have been a few surprises in their sea of mediocrity. At least they are helping smaller flicks see the light of day, even if they arent always the best.

    I was really happy with After Dark's MULBERRY ST, and THE CHILDREN was an excellent acquisition by Ghost House, but I thought the whole point of both production houses was to make their own films? Maybe Im wrong. I still have a morbid drive to see DARK FLOORS for some reason, even though I know I am setting myself up for failure.

  3. Ive been wondering if these Ghosthouse and After Dark films are worth my time. I watched a couple of them and have been mildly entertained, but not blown away.

    I saw Wicked Little Things...didnt love it. It made no sense at times.

    Saw Dance of the Dead and thought it was fun though, Ill be reviewing that one next!

    I have my eye on The Deaths of Ian think that ones worth it Carl? It was one of the last films that Stan Winston worked on, though I dont know how much he personally had a hand in it.

  4. Its very middle of the road, some interesting concepts and decent monsters but it didnt stand out as being anything more than average

  5. Astro, with the exception of Seventh Moon I was actually impressed with the most recent Ghost House entries. After Dark Horrorfest on the other hand has always sucked a fat dick. The newest set of After Dark Horrorfest movies look a little promising, but meh.