The Rage (2007)

I have always and will always be a fan of Robert Kurtzman, who's efforts brought us the classic Horror make-up and FX from classics like BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, EVIL DEAD 2, and WISHMASTER, but his fourth directorial effort reeks of all the typical low-budget pitfalls that so many other zombie films have fell prey to in the past. The film finds an embittered Russian scientist releasing a deadly plague upon the world (or the forest surrounding his isolated workshop) in order to avenge himself after Western culture raped him of his cure for cancer. While the Rage virus allows for Kurtzman to display a ton of gooey splatter, the blood and guts are the only things worth staying for in an otherwise messy script. It is difficult to sit through the typical tiresome genre cliches and awful acting by the teen players. The pacing also detracts greatly from the picture, since there are several extended sequences where the characters are chased by zombified vultures rather than zombies (the birds easily receive more screen time than the zombies). I wanted so badly for this to be an unknown splatter classic, but it plays out as nothing more impressive than the recent rash of DTV zombie flicks that have been plaguing the SyFy Channel. This is all the more disheartening considering the strength of Bob's second film WISHMASTER, but it is clear that the monetary constraints weighed heavily on the overall success of the film.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I was looking forward to seeing this movie because of Kurtzman's involvement, I was hoping this was going to be another Re-Animator or something, with the whole syringe angle and all that, but, Ive read so many bad reviews on this one that its no longer in my priority list...Ill watch it eventually, and Im still very curious for it. But I guess it can wait.

  2. Yup. This movie fucking pretty much blows. It is plain awful and so completely unmemorable that I really remember very little outside of the vultures and that there was some fishing going on. I do also remember that Misty Mundae and Andrew Divoff were in it, but thats really all. I am a supporter of Kurtzman, but he hasn't really done anything of note since he left KNB.

  3. That sucks! Its kind of the same thing that happens sometimes when writers want to become directors, it just doesnt work most of the time, because not everybody can direct, not everyone knows how to effectively tell a story through film.

    In this case, it was a make up effects dude trying to be a director. I mean, these guys are legendary make up effects guys, and they should stick to doing what they do best!

    Samething happened with a film called Laid to Rest. And also Virus...a terrible film. And also Spawn. All these films were directed by dudes who are great doing special effects, but make terrible directors.

  4. See thats the thing though, Kurtzman also directed WISHMASTER, which I think is a superior 90s film, so I dont know if it was the script, the budget, the lack of studio involvement, or all of the above that contributed to the films failures in this one. Totally agreed on LAID TO REST, though. Great FX, but I thought the film was as conventional and poorly developed as any other direct to DVD release