The Untold Story (1992)

This story should have remained untold. I don't know if anyone has seen this one, it was sort of forced upon me, but it is not worth seeking out. The film is a docudrama of sorts in the vein of HENRY, following a Chinese restaurant owner that is suspected of murder as he recalls his deadly rampage to the police. When I say "in the vein of", I mean "a complete rip-off of". Everything from the look to the score is blatantly stolen from McNaughton's far superior film. In fact, I think it is McNaughton's actual score that is being used. There is some decent gore and dismemberment throughout the film, and a particularly jarring scene where the killer gruesomely slaughters a mother and father in front of their children before offing the kids, but there is no way anyone can sit through the awful acting and ridiculous writing to make it to the end. The characters here, particular the cops, are so far from believable, and throw off the serious plot with out of place and failed attempts at comedy and illogical investigatory techniques. I had trouble paying attention, and started playing legos. The average gorehound would be hard-pressed to have to go this far down the totem pole for some cheap gore.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Never even heard of this flick!

  2. It's not a rip off at all in fact it's based on a true story that occured a few years before about a man who butchered a family, took over their restaurant and served their remains to customers.

    This is classic HK category three nastiness. This movie was responsible for the sickening slate of HK sadistic cinema to pour into cinemas throughout the 90's. Anthony Wong won a Golden Horse award for his performance.

    EBOLA SYNDROME (1997) also starring Wong, is far more over the top and incredibly nasty. It is available on dvd over here from discotek who released a special edition a couple years ago.

    I'm really surprised. This is a very well known HK horror film among fan circles. I found the butchering of the family to be very difficult to watch especially the children. The director was also somewhat successful in creating a small modicum of sympathy for the murderer when the cops were torturing him.

  3. Earlier HK horror films were lacking the slapstick bits here and there. Not sure if those scenes were shot to counter the onslaught of extreme violence, or not, but they are jarring to someone not accustomed to such films from HK especially from that time period.

  4. I think I was so far checked out on the film by the family butchering that it just didnt have the effect it should have. I found every single character to be extremely over the top, and even though the film was based on a true story, the filming style, sound, and performance of the lead seemed suspiciously similar. Perhaps I will give it a second chance in coming years when I am more familiar with the HK cinema of the time

  5. Check out EBOLA SYNDROME. It redefines 'over the top'. Oddly, discotek got a hold of all the footage that was trimmed but instead of reinstating it into the feature, opted to place it in the special features as a montage. Even with the footage cut from the film itself, it's still a grim and gross ride. It's one of the wildest premises you'll ever come across. Wong even pays homage to the movie (UNTOLD STORY) that put him on the map.