Visitor Q (2001)

Let's start with a few screen caps:

6:00 Is this a porno?

11:00 WTF?

36:00 WTF?

47:00 Uh, WTF?

1:15:00 WTF?

1:24:00 It's over. I don't get it.

A mysterious visitor becomes wrapped in the downward destruction of an odd Japanese family as each of their vices work towards their individual ends. VISITOR Q is a mind fuck from start to finish. Each of the events unfold in a non-sequitor fashion, and are seemingly unrelated until at least the half-way point. While the events that occur early on in the film are odd and perplexing, as the plot continues to unravel, it goes from strange to absurd to revolting and intentionally offensive. There's really very little I can even say about the film in the form of a review; how does one review an experimental piece of art? I won't pretend to understand the subtext, and I refuse to reveal any more of the details of the film to preserve the first viewing experience for anyone that hasn't seen it. Takashi Miike has tackled over the top action, intense psychological terror, and generic Asian ghost Horror in his time, but this offering is unlike any of his other works. The only thing that it does share with his other films is that it is sure to leave a lasting effect on the audience. None of the characters are relatable or likable, and in fact the film isn't entertaining or enjoyable at all. However, it is undeniably provocative and captivating. The filming is sickeningly intimate, due to the hyper-realistic filming that is digitally recorded on hand-held cameras. This forces the audience face to face with the madness on screen. By the end of the film, the audience is left with more questions than answers, and it is up to the viewer to extract some form of meaning behind the insanity they have just experienced. VISITOR Q is a twisted blend of MARTYRS and REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, and while it will not appeal to a large majority of genre fans, it is certainly a surreal viewing experience that is worth seeking out.

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 4/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. This movie hurt my soul a little bit. I've seen it, I've reviewed it...but I still don't know how I feel about it.

    Give me "Audition" or "Ichi the Killer" any day.


  2. Woops, I didnt even rate this one, did I? Rating added, but I dont see myself reproaching this one either