Asylum (2008)

All things considered, this wasn't a bad little direct to DVD Horror flick. Granted, the plot was all too familiar territory, and the unlikely group of friends were all textbook genre stereotypes. These elements are succeeded by the grand location settings, better than expected acting, and superior technical work for a small film. In many ways, the design and execution of ASYLUM reminded me of AMUSEMENT, where many of the good pieces did not amount to a solid whole. The plot finds six college co-eds joining up during orientation week to sneak into the abandoned asylum adjoining their dorm. They awaken the spirit of the crazed doctor who had tortured teens their decades earlier, after which they are dispatched one by one in a series of delusional dream-like sequences a la NOES. The set-up of the film does enough to draw the audience in with a willingness to suspend disbelief due to the tried and true conventions of the plot, but once the doctor is back in business, it is back to cheesy villain monologues and forced ironic deaths that fall flat on a tired audience. I will say that I was impressed going into the film, but by the end it just becomes a tedious and overbearing retread of better films.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. This move was lame. Way too generic and god awful acting.