Bride of Chucky (1998)

This is the absolute right direction the CHILD'S PLAY film series needed to go. Self-parody heralded the death of the Slasher era in the 80s, but this was mainly because the once terrifying Slasher icons had become soft, family-friendly bogeymen. Chucky was slinging cheap one-liners by the second film, and the B-movie plot of a killer doll attempting to possess the soul of a young boy was already a silly start, so it was a logical step to write this entry as a self-aware Horror Comedy. Chucky is revived once more by his ex-girlfriend Tiffany, who becomes trapped in a doll's body herself when her deranged obsession with him drives him to kill her. The duo hitch a ride with two unsuspecting teens in search for the amulet that will let them transubstantiate themselves back into human form. Tiffany is the perfect balance to the impulsive and psychotic Chucky, and is cast perfectly by the sexy Jennifer Tilly. The combined efforts of Kirschner and Yagher in the new puppet designs also pay off in some of the most amazing and convincing practical FX in the series. What it comes down to is the film is everything it should have been: silly, stupid, but above all completely entertaining. Easily the best sequel in the series!

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Number of views: 8.

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  1. Yes! Finally someone who appreciates this movie as much as I do. So stupid and so fun; absolutely no pretentiousness!

    Best line: "Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?"

  2. This movie was goofy as hell. I liked it up until the baby scene in the end. I love John Ritter and think it's funny how he dies in this one.

  3. Yeah, I agree. Where I think Freddy got too silly/goofy in his sequels, Chucky should have been this was, since he was a freaking child's toy!

  4. My fav line would have to be:

    [to the female thief] "Hi, I'm Chucky! And I wouldn't talk if I were you!"

  5. Whats interesting is that the director went on to direct Freddy Vs. Jason. Is he the great resurrector?