Children of the Corn 2 (1992)

And so it begins. The first in a long line of remarkably unremarkable sequels. THE FINAL SACRIFICE finds the remaining children that survived the massacre in Gatlin being relocated to a nearby town, where they are taken in by the locals who are unaware of their deadly secrets. A new leader emerges, they start killing, then its over. The film is sort of a joke on itself; it is too funny to be a straight Horror flick, but too serious to be a Horror Comedy. The new leader found in Micah is too intentionally evil looking, and none of the other children have the same raw and organic creepiness to them like the children in the previous film did, making each act feel very forced and scripted. Unlike the surprisingly tame original, this entry kicks up the gore and plays out more like a standard Slasher of the period, complete with plenty of bloody and ironic deaths. The supposed protagonists are anything but likable, giving the audience no one to really side with as the plot continues on the same boring and predictable path the first film had laid. With no atmosphere, no suspense, and no true scares, the series gets off to a bland start, but there are little pockets of gore that almost make it bearable.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 3.

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  1. Dont know why Ive never watched any of the sequels, maybe I should give em a chance just to see what they are all about.

    So there was even a remake! But it was a straight to dvd one right? That cant be all that was the Its Alive! remake. Straight to dvd.

  2. There was a straight to DVD remake that debuted on the SyFy Channel, which was expectantly terrible, but there is actually another remake planned that should receive a theatrical release. How or why this is possible? The world may never know.

  3. I have all of the sequels but have yet to watch any besides part 2 (which I never even finished). Even drunk this movie couldn't hold my attention. Very dated mid-late 80's junk.

  4. Thats the perfect description of the film, it reeks of 1992 and has a made for tv look and feel to it.