Gamera Vs Monster X (1970)

After a rash of terrible Z-grade monster flicks, MONSTER X comes through as being the strongest Showa era film since the original! The costumes and FX have been vastly improved, reaching the same amazing quality as the Godzilla films. Though the models and miniatures aren't quite up to par with Toho's craftsmanship, the destructible cities also look much more convincing than their predecessors. The film still includes an upbeat score and young cast, but while it was likely aimed at the series' younger audience, this entry is much darker and more violent than any of the other films. With slightly different editing, it could have been one of the darker Kaiju films to date. The battles between the monsters are earth-shattering, and even the wrap-around story where Osaka's children attempt to aid Gamera in defeating his new foe stays engaging and fast-paced. This was a solid giant monster flick, and is easily the highlight of the earlier film series. Gamera must stop a spiny reptile beast that has been unleashed from his stony prison before it destroys Japan!

Monsters: Gamera, Monster X.

Rating: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. This is my favorite of the original Gamera series just behind GAMERA SUPER MONSTER. You might want to avoid the last Gamera film of the 1970's, Carl, GAMERA VS. ZIGRA. In that one, Gamera battles a giant talking, flying shark from outer space. It's the nadir of the entire series.

  2. Sounds pretty sweet lol.. I will have to keep an eye out for SUPER MONSTER, but I was very pleased with this one.