HorrorBlips Debate: Bringing Back the Blair Witch

Be sure to head on over to HorrorBlips for another great debate, this week focusing on whether or not the Horror bloggers would like to see a third incarnation of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT in the form of a prequel, sequel, or remake:


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“The Blair Witch Project” was a groundbreaking film, regardless of any similarities it may have shared with “Cannibal Holocaust.” The advertising campaign alone was purely genius, but what sold the authenticity of the film were the shockingly realistic characters and events it depicted. Though the sequel was almost a complete reversal of the small Indie look and feel of the original, what it did offer was a critical look at the media blitz following the first film, while exploring the debate over whether horror films have a cathartic or catalytic effect on the viewer.

What could a third film now offer a decade later? There is no excuse for a remake at this point; not enough time has passed, and there is no shortcoming that could be expanded upon in a second take. A sequel could be promising, but how do you follow the original using the same stylism without having it fall back into a remake? Obviously, a prequel couldn't use the same “found footage” approach, since the film would be based in the early 1900s. Of the three options, though, I think there is infinite more potential in retelling the story of the Blair Witch and Rustin Parr in the traditional cinematic style. The tale is frightening enough on its own, and could finally allow for viewers that criticized the lack of action and visuals to experience the film they had hoped for in 1999.

Regardless of the direction the film takes, I will absolutely be in line opening night. The series is best left in the hands of its creators, and I look forward to anything else the Witch has to offer!

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  1. interesting - I myself would see a third Blair Witch outing, I still think the original has plenty of power and I vaguely enjoyed the second one as well. HorrorHound magazine recently did a reeeeally good retrospective of the BW phenomenon. And how come I can't scroll sideways when leaving you comments?? Grrr!

  2. Man, this is easy... Blair Witch 2 was a nearly perfect movie... Just follow that one. I say ignore the first and write a sequel to part 2. So what if it was a box office failure!


  3. Agree 100% with all of your thoughts. I'm interested to see another sequel, but I can see where they could go in a bad direction--i.e. another film crew watches the Blair Witch footage and decides to retrace their steps or something like that. Don't think that would be a good direction and it would definitely feel recycled. However, I would love to see a traditional cinematic rendition of some of the lore of the Blair Witch, but without the nonlinear, uber-fantastical plot of the second one.

  4. I agree with the Tower Farm boys.

    I am always the minority in these debates, but I cannot stand the original Blair Witch. The sequel was very good imo but the original just did not do it for me. There are just as many people that love it as hate it and unfortunatley I am part of the latter. It really pains me to say that because Myrick and Sanchez are alumni of my university (UCF). Those dudes even showed the original to our film class immediately after they found a distributor. My friend Becky (not B-Movie) and I still talk about that fact to this very day. So I am glad it did well and started a craze but I just am not a fan of the film.

    It's just a subjective thing, but I think the Blair Witch should just stay dead. They had all of these great ideas in their pipeline back in '99, but nothing really came in a close zip code to the success of the original. So I think trying to catch lightning in a bottle would be a mistake for the paying public.

  5. You know that is a good point Geof, ALTERED fell way off into the Direct to DVD trash can, and I havent heard of any other developments from either of them lately. Being a huge fan of the original, I have that glimmer of hope that they can pull off something original here