The Horrors of Party Beach (1964)

Who would have expected such a cruel and unusual flick to come out of such a B-movie title! A garbage barge releases toxic waste into the sea, where bodies of a sunken ship are resurrected into mutant fish zombies that attack the nearby Party Beach!! The film is rife with 60s camp and groovy surfer tunes, but what is most jarring is the ruthless and bloody attacks made by the goofy and bug-eyed fish creatures (referred to in the film as zombies). In a particularly awesome scene, a sorority house is dismembered when said zombies crash the pajama party and rip the scantily clad girls to shreds. Considering the tone and subject matter, I would have expected much less out of this flick, but the cinematography, score, and characters are all far above the average B-movie fare. Sure, the costuming is entirely laughable, but the costumes are so ridiculous that they cross back over into being awesome. While this may not be the greatest film, it is definitely unique and entertaining, and caught me completely by surprise.

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Number of views: 1.

A very special thanks to Mykal and Radiation Cinema for turning us on to this flick!

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  1. This sounds cool - and you're right - I certainly wouldn't have expected such cruelty either, especially given the title and shoddy creatures. Mykal at Radiation Cinema has the best taste in movies. Ever.