Phantom of the Opera (1989)

Robert Englund leads this 1989 adaptation of the Leroux novel, where a young opera singer is thrust back in time during an audition, which places her in Victorian London as the understudy in a grand opera house. She begins receiving voice training from an unseen ally, but her disfigured friend will stop at nothing to see her succeed, even if it means eliminating anyone who gets in her way. The lavish set design and authentic Victorian costuming give the film a large look and feel with high production values, however there are a few missteps that take away from the film. Englund's Phantom serves as a vengeful anti-hero, which leads to several bloody deaths and dismemberments that would have been expected out of a cheap 80s Slasher. What is stranger is that the character spouts out cheesy one-liners as he dispatches the cast. It isn't that the make-up or deaths were bad at all, in fact it was quite the opposite, but these choices felt oddly out of place in an otherwise straight Gothic Horror film. Each of the actors deliver solid performances, and Englund is a very good fit for the character. I enjoyed the film, it was definitely superior to Argento's late 90s remake and a good overall Horror entry.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Wow, I am going to have to watch this one again....maybe I was having a bad day, because I don't remember seeing the film you describe :D

    Looks like it is super cheap on Amazon, so I am up for another spin. Thanks for the review.


  2. I wasnt sure what to expect going in with Freddy headlining the cast, but the quality of the film surprised me. I would have preferred if they hadnt added the sillier aspects though, it really derailed the film.

  3. I actually let this one slip by me, Ive always been curious for it, but have never bothered with checking it out. I believe this film came to us from the director of The Gate right? I almost bought it the other day...Ill give it a chance! Sounds like it could be fun times!

  4. Yeah, I liked the movie, but I don't know about giving it quite that level of a ringing endorsement.

    The juxtaposition of 80s slasher film and 'Phantom' is awkward at times. On top of that, the movie indulges in gross-out effect shots for no apparent reason.

    I still say that the film would have been superior without the bizarre framing device and extra ending portion.

    Now, if you want a really bad 80s Phantom film, I have one coming up for you.

  5. Oh no.. I can only imagine lol..

    I had fun with it, it was much better than I ever expected it to be in all of the years since I first saw the VHS cover when I was a kid.

    Franco I just double checked and it looks like it was by a different director, however the director of THE GATE has apparently gone on to make all sorts of shitty D2DVD and SyFy Channel movies, sad..

  6. Holy crap, I completely made a mistake, it was Dwight H. Little who has also directed:

    Halloween 4 - One of the best Halloween sequels. This is apparently as high as this director went.

    Marked for Death - One of the better Segal movies

    Anacondas: The Search for the Blood Orchid - Never bothered with it.

    BloodStone - A 1988 Indiana Jones rip off.

  7. Nice, minus ANACONDAS. Continue never bothering with it