Thursday, November 5, 2009

Transformers 2 (2008)

Terrible. Am I the only person that can't stand Megan Fox or Shia LeBouf (outside of his role in DUMB AND DUMBERER)?? I can't tell what the hell is going on the entire film. I was too young to be a Transformers fan, but I actually really dug the first film. Just wasn't into this one.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. ROFL both the transformers movies are complete trash... I am with you on Fox but I liked Shia in Disturbia... and... ummmm..... yeah....

  2. I'll give you that, he was suitable in DISTURBIA and I had fun with the flick. I wont even touch CRYSTAL SKULL though

  3. You are not alone Carl! Megan Fox looks like a walking STD to me. Just disgusting. Shia is just a twerp.


  4. And nothing bothers me more than a chick with a shitty attitude and undeserved sense of privilege.

  5. I was duped into checking out the first Transformers movie (well, it didn't take much - I adored the cartoon as a youngster). I hated it and felt that Michael Bay had corrupted my youth! As did my flatmate, who got so whipped up into an angry frenzy he shouted at me in the middle of a pub and almost got us chucked out. I guess he needed to vent spleen... I don't think I'll be checking out Transformers 2 - especially not with my flatmate...

  6. This film was awful, that shit about Robots going to heaven and robots needing canes to walk, and growing metallic beards...and robots having giant testicles...

    Michael Bay really lost focus here. Plus, the ending of the film feels exactly like the ending of the first. Sometimes I cant tell the films apart because those desert scenes look so alike.

    I think they put the robots in the dessert cause its not so troublesome to animate them when they are in sand...instead of other more complex environments.

    One of the worst films of the year.

  7. Im glad Im not along on this one, considering the box office success of the film. It really irked me, its just so far from what it should have been.

  8. they look like they were made in a factory or something.

    crystal skull made my brain sad. transformers 1 made my brain mad. the fact that these 2 will make movies and have careers makes me want to eat a knife. oh well.


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