Ghostbusters (1984)

GHOSTBUSTERS will always remain one of the greatest Horror Comedies of all time. Despite having achieved its 25th Anniversary in 2009, the biting humor, social commentary, and special FX are just as relevant, funny, and amazing today as they were at its release in 1984. It is films like this that I will always regret not having been able to experience in theaters. Despite endless advances in technology and computer FX, few films have ever been able to top the combination of animation, matte painting, composites, set design, puppetry, tracking, and optical FX that were required in order to achieve the phenomenal results GHOSTBUSTERS has earned. On top of ground-breaking technical work, Ivan Reitman has also assembled an all-star cast of memorable characters to flesh out this spookfest. It really requires no review or accolades since it is unquestionably one of the best in the genre, but I have enjoyed the film for so many years that I owe it the additional praise as a small token of my appreciation. For those of you that have either never seen the film or have let it sit for a few years, its time to charge up your proton packs and get in on some sweet ghostbusting action! A team of scientists open up shop as New York's first (and only) paranormal exterminators, just in time to save the world from disaster when the gateway to Hell is opened in a downtown sky rise.

Rating: 10/10.
Number of views: 8.

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  1. Picked up the Blu-Ray on this bad boy; not that u need BD but got a good deal on the classic. Nice review.

  2. Ghostbusters will always remain one of my all-time favorites. It certainly aged well as the humor is as funny then as it is now. Side note: a GB video game was released last spring and it was awesome. It reenacted a lot of the film's great moments and best of all, Murray, Ackroyd, Ramis, and Hudson all do their characters voices. Although Murray sounds like he was on cat tranquilizers for his recording session.

  3. Im bummed man I want to play it so badly but the newest system I have is the Wii and I am sure it will look shitty on my PS2 or Wii... Need.. A.. PS3..

  4. I agree, love this movie. Still one of my favorites...and Geof is right the game is awesome (I have it for the 360)