Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

The Ghostbusters are back! Six years after defeating Gozer, the team reassembles when a river of slime is discovered beneath the streets of New York that threatens to use the town's negative energy to restore life to an ancient Carpathian ruler and bring on the end of the world. GHOSTBUSTERS 2 is a solid sequel that retains the same smart humor and feel of the original film, though this second film is much darker in tone while offering a very positive social message. The entire cast returns to thwart this new supernatural threat, bringing back SNL mainstays Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray along with supporting characters played by Annie Potts and Rick Moranis to create a strong continuity following the first film. While the special FX work is still top notch, there have not been many noticeable advancements since the original. That does not stop Reitman and company from filling another hour and a half with various ghouls and goblins as well as a living Statue of Liberty that rallies New York's positive energy in order to break evil's hold on the city. While the script is very light-hearted, some of the imagery is intensely somber and frightening, particularly the sinister living painting of Vigo and the flying nanny with glowing red-eyes that will forever haunt my nightmares. GHOSTBUSTERS 2 is a worthy successor to the original film, and while the pacing may be a little slower and the structure may mirror the first installment, that does not take away from its overall enjoyment.

Rating: 9/10.
Number of views: 9.

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  1. I agree with everything you said about this movie. It is one of the best and a great second helping to the first movie which is one of my fall time favorites. Now I just hope the third one that they are talking about will be just as good because as much as I would love to see my favorite characters back in action, I wouldn't want to see them go south into the land of sequel stupidity.

  2. I have always held this one close to heart too William, it was the first film in the series that my parents brought home and it doesnt stray at all from the path set in the original. I do have higher hopes that usual for the third film given the amount of returning cast and crew members that they are going to be able to secure. Hell, even in the recent video game they secured everyone down to Annie Potts, so as long as they commit the time needed to make the FX convincing in a time when poor CG runs rampant, we may be able to see the third film we could have only dreamed about in the past!

  3. lol...just left a video game comment in the original GB post.