The Ring Two (2005)

AKA "The Longest, Boringest Movie Ever Made, Ever." Coming off of the success of the first remake, I had ginormous hope for this sequel, but after the first half hour I got upset at my wife for waking me up in the theater while the film was still running. Hideo Nakata (director of both RINGU and RINGU 2) returns to the series in this second film, removing the unnatural coloring that had been used in the previous film in place of a drab, near black and white palette. His second chance at the series followup is no less convoluted and confusing than the Japanese original, though the two films share very little in common. Rachel and Aidyn have relocated after copying the cursed tape, thereby saving them from Samara's wrath, but when the body of a local boy is found disfigured in an all-too-familiar manner, Rachel must set off to destroy Samara once and for all before she returns to possess the body of her young son. Throw in a few twists and turns when Rachel discovers that Samara was adopted and that her birth mother had attempted to kill her as well and we have a lengthy mess with very few chills. There is nothing necessarily wrong in the artful filming and design, the plot is just entirely redundant and follows the same basic structure as the first without generating any tension or suspense. If THE RING had been the pilot to a PG-13 teen Horror drama, and THE RING TWO had been broken in to four half-hour episodes, it might not have as boring and disappointing. But it wasn't, it was a wasted opportunity that successfully ended the series.

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 4/10.
Number of views: 3.

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  1. The only thing I recall from this movie (since I only saw it once) was the laughable CGI deer attack.