Ringu 2 (1999)

Picking up right where RINGU left off, a reporter friend of Reiko's begins working with the police to solve the mysterious deaths of Dr. Takayama and Reiko's father after her disappearance. They become involved with the remaining tapes, and discover that a psychic link has been established between Sadako and Reiko's son Yoichi. To convolute matters further, Dr. Takayama's psychic girlfriend enters the picture and whisks Yoichi away to Sadako's birthplace to try to rid the world of Sadako's vengeful spirit once and for all with the help of Dr. Ikuma. Got all of that? Yikes. This one is kind of hard to follow, and can only make sense if it is viewed directly following the original. At times, the film turns into a psychic mess, with numerous characters possessing ESP, foresight, and telepathy, which somewhat takes away from the underlying fear when the film becomes so far removed from reality. The curse is explained to be related to an energy exchange in this one as well, which robs it of much of the mystery and intrigue instilled in the original ghost tale. Nakata brings back more his disturbing yet subtle imagery, cranking up the creep factor even when the plot becomes entangled in itself. The production of the film is done very well, however it is just not nearly as terrifying or entertaining as RINGU. This sequel is still preferable to the American followup.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 3.

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  1. I am pretty neutral on this film. We are in agreement that the mystery and suspense gets flushed by all of the ESP angles. But my favorite part is when the reporter is trying to erase the evidence that he tricked the girl into watching the tape. That scene was awesome. Too bad the American sequel is about as non-awesome as it gets.