Santa Claus (1960)

Apparently someone slipped me some Yule tide acid tonight. SANTA CLAUS tells the tale of the night before Christmas when Pitch, Lucifer's lead demon, is sent to Earth to trick the children into being bad little girls and boys in an attempt to overthrow Santa's rule. Pitch enlists the help of three naughty boys to set traps and stop Santa from delivering his Christmas cheer. But Santa doesn't get mad.. He gets EVEN!! Despite the awful dubbing, laughable costumes, and over-the-top acting, the production values are actually quite surprising considering this film came out of 1960s Mexico. The set design, special FX, and matte work all greatly exceed expectation, and Cardona shows an impressive amount of craftsmanship for such a low budget B-movie. The plot and acting are just so utterly ridiculous that it can't possibly be taken seriously. Santa uses his magical powers given to him from Merlin, who works on Santa's orbital space station, in order to sneak in to each house unnoticed. He then sniffs his magic flowers that allow him to teleport out of each house as Pitch dances around in his red leotard trying to spoil Santa's attempts. Computerized re-enactment:

I have been searching all season for a new Christmas classic to watch every year, and I think I may have found it. SANTA CLAUS is absolutely hilarious, with some of the most off the wall and unintentionally funny dialogue I have seen in years. The film served as an episode of the cult TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, and with good cause. It is best watched with a group of friends and a 24pk to warm up the holidays with some awesome B-movie cheer. Even in all of its terrible glory, it still makes for a fun Christmas Fantasy flick that I am sure children would enjoy as well. I am surprised to see how low it has been rated on IMDB. Is it silly? Yes. Is it stupid? Sure, but a great deal of work obviously went in to this production, and it is indisputably entertaining.

Rating: 4/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. For YEARS there was always an area cinema that booked this (as well as "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians") for a Saturday afternoon matinee before Christmas, where the kids could be dropped off while Mom and Dad did their shopping. I never went to these - the crowds were spectacularly ill-behaved, and I went instead to matinees of movies like "Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster" and "Frankenstein Created Woman."

  2. Recently bought this but my wife said it looked to scary for the kids. Maybe next year.

  3. Sounds like a fucking hoot, m'man.

  4. Hi Carl - just wanted to wish you a happy holiday season if I don't check back before then. I want to thank you for being such a great and active blogger on the ever so awesome ILHM as well as being a frequent contributor on my blog. The motto for this holiday season is be safe but HAVE a s***load of fun! Take care, dude!

  5. Senski this one almost trumps SCCTM, both are insanely awesome B-movies, but I had much more fun with SANTA CLAUS.

    SM it may be just a TAD bit too much for the kids, but its tough to say because it is all so silly. Maybe give it another year or two, or explain how funny it is the whole time. The rest of the movie outside of Pitch is very cutesy.

    Geof the same to you bud, Ill be posting plenty of holiday pics this weekend then I get a week of vacation to sit back and play guitar hero in my underwear lol.. Have a great one man!

  6. I just saw the MST3K version posted, may watch it tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas Carl!

  7. I highly recommend it my friend, it can only get better with the MST team!!