And Soon The Darkness (1970)

While this British Horror entry certainly takes its time in establishing its characters and crafting its tension, the patient viewer will be paid off with a beautifully shot and entirely suspenseful thriller! Two English girls are making a biking tour of France when they decide to separate for a few hours. When one returns to find the other, she finds their resting place deserted. She is then approached by a charming Frenchman who stops to see if he can help, but she soon discovers that he knows more than he is letting on to. What follows is a brilliant murder mystery where everyone in a small village is found suspect. It is all the more alarming that none of the French characters are subtitled, since it is impossible to tell if they are friend or foe. The story structure keeps the audience guessing at every turn, throwing a new curve just when the viewer thinks they have found the killer. On top of the keen visuals, a sinister score heightens the suspense, striking an ominous chord even in the more mild scenes. Themes of rape and murder are handled with the utmost subtlety, since the acts are only alluded two while showing nothing on screen. This allowed the film to achieve all of the gut-wrenching terror above will earning itself a PG rating! The film is sure to have influenced Dutch director George Sluizer in many ways, as DARKNESS also shares a great deal of similarities in character and tone to SPOORLOOS. Though this one is difficult to get your hands on, it is well worth seeking out and comes highly recommended!

Rating: 9/10.
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  1. Finally, someone else touched upon this movie. I saw it a long time ago and actually thought that it was too good to review. That's why I had it listed on my sidebar under the section of 'Movies Too Good to Review Here.'

    Just to note, this is by Robert Fuest, the man who made both of the 'Dr. Phibes' movies. He also made 'The Devil's Rain,' which is something that we all want to forget.

  2. Im glad you did drop that last bit, because for some reason I didnt even think to check who directed the film in order to find more of his work. I beat myself to the punch though since he is behind PHIBES. I was going to just watch it and review after, but I had to start taking notes as my mind raced during the film. Remake in 2010!! Wait.. Whats the opposite of !! ?