The Dead Zone (2002)

Ok, I admit I thought this was the original when I borrowed it from my mom-in-law, sue me. THE DEAD ZONE is a made-for-TV pilot movie adapted from the original Stephen King novel. It stars Anthony Michael Hall as a small town teacher that awakens from a coma to find out that he has unlocked an extra-sensory perception, which he uses to prevent crimes and save children from getting burned from scalding coffee. I can't speak for the remaining six seasons (?!), but this first episode is very middle of the road. The plot feels all-too-familiar, and doesn't present the story or events in any new or unique fashion. If this were 1997, I still didn't have cable, and I was stuck home on a Saturday afternoon with nothing else left to watch on network TV, it would make for a good enough time killer, but as it stands I would be hard pressed to watch the rest of the series based on the mediocre pilot. Sorry, The Dead Zone fans, I just couldn't get in to it.

Rating: 7/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Let me help you out here. Quit watching only gets worse (and by the end.....just painful to watch.) Husband watched it....I tried to watch it.....husband made me leave the room because I was rolling my eyes into the back of my head and laughing so much it was distracting :D


  2. I am also huge fan of horror movies and horror tv shows. My favorite horror show is The Dead Zone. I never missed it's any episode. It's story is really mind blowing!!! Dead Zone Episodes became too interesting. If you also wants to watch it's complete episodes then click at given link.

  3. Thanks for the link Christina, I absolutely want to check out the original movie, and if I ever have time I would be willing to give the series a chance, I just wasnt as "wowed" as I hoped to be with the series pilot. Thanks for stopping by!