Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fanatic (1982)

An obsessed Horror fan begins making a film starring his favorite scream queen, but the fact is entirely unbeknownst to her. He follows her to Cannes, where people surrounding her are coincidentally being killed after receiving notes that there last effort will be their last Horror movie. I have no idea how a film of this caliber ever afforded the location shoots in and around the Cannes Film Festival. There are several enormous crowd set-ups that seem far too elaborate to have met the film's budget. FANATIC initially seems to take far too many liberties with it's character's ability to sneak into heavily populated buildings or track people down completely unnoticed, but the film's final reveal makes it slightly more plausible. However, it is never explained how a poor cab driver is able to afford to fly to Cannes to stay for a month while attempting to deceive his idol into making a film with him. Logic aside, there are many other problems inherent in the film. Spinell does not strike gold twice with this performance, and the entire production feels like a poorly shot imitator to MANIAC while lacking the seedy NY setting and Savini FX that set the earlier film apart in the Slasher genre. Though the role of Vinny draws from real sources, Spinell is just far too awkward, unnatural, and over the top to be taken seriously this round. If it wasn't for his renown that carried over from MANIAC, this film would have been forgotten long ago. FANATIC offers an interesting premise, but fails pulling everything together in the end.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I saw this one a few years back after being impressed with Maniac and the premise seemed like a can't-miss. But it just fell flat.

  2. I disagree with both of you. If you take this less as a "serious", award-caliber genre film and more of a straight-up tour de force performance by Hollywood-fringe madman Spinell, it's a total delight. It's best watched with a pal, someone who can appreciate Spinell's quirkiness as much as yourself. That way, you have someone to talk about Spinell with when the movie hits its "lull" spots.

  3. I dont know why I was more willing to accept his performance in MANIAC over this one, but I didnt buy Spinell for a moment here. He was too serious for me to laugh at the performance, but too funny for me to take him seriously. I'll give it another go down the road to see if anything changes.

  4. Kind of like a flashier, sillier version of Maniac. I liked it but haven't watched it since I had it on VHS, even though I bought both the Fanatic and the Last Horror Film Troma DVDs.

  5. Guess I will avoid it. Too much else in line to watch!

  6. Yeah.. I wouldnt make this a high priority, though its still worth checking out somewhere along the line


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