MoH: Imprint (2005)

Masters of Horror: "Imprint"
Season 1, Episode 13
Directed by: Takashi Miike

An American relays the story of his lost love to a prostitute in a Japanese brothel, but he finds that it is her story that is all the more compelling. The girl begins with the sad and pitiful events that led her into her current state, but then goes on to describe the sickening torture and murder of the man's love. Unwilling to believe her, he threatens her to retell the story without omitting anything. Each time she retells the events, they become even more despicable and grotesque, slowly driving the man insane with vengeful fury. The story structure in this feature succeeds above all else, spiraling quickly into a twisted nightmare as the story grows darker and darker. It is arguably Takashi's most linear and comprehendible film, which is both its greatest asset and weakness depending on the fan base viewing it. He still leaves numerous personal stamps on the film in the flamboyant coloring, strange imagery, broken social taboos, and extreme torture sequences. Having the Japanese players speak in phonetic English adds to the unsettling nature of their performances, but no one is more bizarre than Billy Drago, who is as unhinged and eccentric as ever. IMPRINT is cruel, unusual, and equally disturbing, and is one of if not the strongest entry in the Masters of Horror series.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Number of views: 5.

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  1. Yeah, its no wonder this episode never aired, its freaking insane! But to its credit, it is oneo f the ballsiest MOH episodes ever filmed.

  2. I think this may be the one that gets remember the most out of the MoH series. It was what the series should have aspired to, not in its craziness, but in its utter horror beyond what we were used to.

    And Drago is ALWAYS weird!

  3. I liked this one and it is as shocking as advertised, but I did not like the use of English as much from what I remember and I thought Drago was awful. I have been meaning to watch it again though.

  4. We met Billy in 2005, and I dont think he is acting in any of his films. As he describes it, he just lets people pay him to film his normal life. He is a strange cat for sure! After rewatching the series for the countless time, I think this one may end up being my favorite, though I LOVE Deer Woman.

  5. Imprint PWNED! I watched it like 7 months ago and still find it cropping up in my brain.

  6. I remember when this got banned from MOH. When it came out on DVD I bought it immediately.

    It's a little surreal but hell its Miike so I automatically ate it up.