Prime Evil (1988)

More evidence that Roberta Finlay should have stayed in porn. PRIME EVIL is a complete mess. Incapable acting, a bland plot, and piss poor filmmaking are just a few of the problems with the film. It follows a satanic cult ingrained in upper class society as they kidnap and sacrifice young women about town in order to extend their own youthfulness and power. Finlay has a very carpenterly manner of filming, covering only what she needs to in order to progress the plot without any sense of style or finesse. The story structure plays out like a series of random events, with subplots and characters appearing and disappearing for extended periods of time until the audience has long since forgotten about them. I was certain that several characters had been killed before they just happened to turn up again in the final scenes. See?? THERE!! It just happened again! The nun that was sent to infiltrate the coven just reappeared to save the day after playing no major role in the film for over half an hour. And now it's over. This is garbage Horror, and isn't worth revisiting for any fan.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 4/10.
Number of views: 1.

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