The Abandoned (2007)

A woman with no past returns to Russia in search of her parents, but instead finds her long lost twin when she arrives at their parent's deserted farm house. As the two start off to find answers from their shrouded past, they uncover the ghosts of the past along with their evil doppelgangers that hope to trap their souls in after escaping death decades earlier. THE ABANDONED is very light on dialogue but heavy on aesthetics and mood. Its cool green and blue filters build on the dilapidated sets and foggy exteriors to maintain the creepy atmosphere throughout the entire film. Director Nacho Cerda has an excellent cinematic eye, which he uses to create several effective shots. Faint images of the ghosts are revealed throughout the house when the flashlights quickly pass over them, and in a dramatic climax, Cerda also employs the use of reverse photography to watch as the ruinous sets rebuild themselves in frame. The ghastly doppelgangers that stalk the house also instill an intense fear through their silent movements and blank stares. Stronger characters and writing could have made this an instant hit, but the visuals alone make this one worth the watch!

Rating: 8/10.
Number of views: 2.

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  1. If I'm thinking of the right movie, it had some awesomely disturbing visuals. It was lacking on the story though.

    Nice review as always.

  2. This one was one of the first After Dark acquisitions a couple of years back

  3. I should just give you my Netflix password so you can fill my queue directly.