Darkness: The Vampire Version (1993)

DARKNESS is the ultimate in low-budget Horror. It is one of the rare films that truly captures the look and feel of the Grindhouse era in the post-1980s. Leif Jonker is not only responsible for the conception and writing, but he also served as the film's cinematographer, editor, director, composer, and special effects coordinator. Though it looks like it was filmed on mom and dad's video recorder, Leif's creative camera work and superior sound FX help add a touch of professionalism to an otherwise amateur effort. The crude film stock only adds to the visual appeal and vintage appearance. While the acting is rough around the edges, it is much better than expected from what is likely a collection of the director's friends and family members. Jonker successfully creates a world overrun by vampires with an enormous scale on an impossible budget. What the film lacks in writing and character development, is more than makes up for in mood, atmosphere, and aesthetic. The greatest strength above all else lies in the incredible gore and special FX, which create a spectacularly bloody mess that offers some of the best gore make-up outside of the mainstream Horror industry in the early 90s. DARKNESS' biggest failing on the other hand is in the lack of linear structure, since much of the time is spent bouncing around between characters during the widespread vampire epidemic. What it comes down to is this: the film is fucking bad-ass. It is a prime example of zero-budget Horror done right, and is one of the greatest Indie Horror/Gore finds since THE CONVENT or PLAGA ZOMBIE. DARKNESS comes highly recommended to any splatter fans!

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 8/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. I heart movies like this. Went to the filmmakers site, loved the trailer.

  2. Cortez there are two very good copies left on Amazon for $2.64 right now, Barrel Entertainment DVDs are notorious for going OOP so I highly recommend purchasing now or you will regret it later!!

  3. I actually have a copy of this movie, and its an inspiring piece of filmmaking, specially when you consider that these guys were doing this with their neighbor hood friends and family and on a non existent budget. I love the bloody mess of an ending, with the vampires exploding in the middle of the sun....this movie rocks for me because it shows that you can do a lot if you just have the drive and the imagination.

    I actually spoke to this director a while back via e-mails, I told him how inspiring his movie was for me. He read a review I did of his movie and loved how positive it was. He filled me in on the new dvd release that the film was going to have, which I believe is currently available right now.

  4. I didnt know what to expect going in to this one, but I was pleasantly surprised! For the budget, it is an excellent entry in the splatter genre

  5. Yeah, I compare it to that other low budget horror movie The Deadly Spawn. They are two movies done by people who love horror and filmmaking who went against the odds to do what they love, and pulled it off. My hats always go down to people who do this partially cause Im one of them! I hope one day Ill get to do something like they have, its my goal in life to make it happen.

  6. Im right there with you man, I think everyone should direct a movie or play before they die, I get to be on your crew though, and I only work for free