From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (1999)

This direct to video sequel takes off with an entirely new story and cast while keeping with the same basic structure and tone of the original. While the writing may not be as sharp as the first, it still provides an even blend of action and comedy with a low brow take on both. A group of thieves gather in a seedy motel before their next big hit, but after a chance encounter with a vampire on the road in to town, one of the thieves arrives hiding a dark secret. As the robbery goes down, the police realize they have much more to fear than the missing cash. What makes this entry most interesting is how the newly turned vampires hide their powers from their friends and use them to stealthily gain advantage in the heist. Considering the significantly reduced budget and smaller scale, TEXAS BLOOD MONEY boasts impressive FX and a large feel for such a small film. It does share the same dilemma as the original, however, wherein the climactic action sequence actually becomes the most uninteresting moment in the film, derailing the otherwise unique plotting. Spiegel does manage to sneak in some quirky camera angles, but his overuse of subjective camera angles from inanimate objects a la EVIL DEAD becomes tired early on. For a video release, this is a decent sequel that perfectly suits the mood of the series.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Is it this one that has the completely tacked-on bit with Bruce Campbell and Tiffani Amber Thiessen in the beginning? Both this and the third film played on F/X so much that I lost track of which one was which?

    If you have not seen that moment, it is just so out-of-place and stupid.

  2. It is indeed, if that scene had been real and had set the mood for the rest of the film, it would have been bad times. Threw me off at first!

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