Gamera the Brave (2006)

GAMERA THE BRAVE is a stand alone Kaiju-Eiga film following the successful Gamera revival in the 90s. Unlike the ultra-violent Heisei entries preceding it, this film returns to the lighter child-friendly themes of the original Gamera films. Gamera is destroyed in battle in the opening scenes, but years later a young boy discovers a baby turtle with a rapid growth rate that turns out to be the next successor as the Guardian of the Universe. The new monster, given the name Toto, must gather its strength as the world falls under attack by the giant lizard Zedus! For a film aimed at a younger audience, director Ryuta Tasaki takes great care in developing rounded, emotive characters for the audience to relate to. It is an adult film built on juvenile themes, but it is just as enjoyable for either age group. The shifts do not take a toll on the incredible costumes or miniatures, which are still just as impressive as in the previous three installments. GAMERA THE BRAVE is filled with heart, and is one of the strongest entries in the series!

Rating: 8/10.
Number of views: 1.

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  1. Well, it's good to see that you liked it as much as I did. I was worried that the tonal change would throw it off for you, just like it has for many others.

    My only complaint could be about how dramatic they tried to make the ending bit with the kids running, but that's not really a major gripe in any way. It just looked like a Nike commercial or something.

  2. Yeah that was sort of a gimme since they had worked so hard to build a connection between us and the kids, so let them have their moment lol..

  3. I saw a brief making of segment from Japan on this before it hit theaters over there and it didn't get me very excited about seeing it. When the fansubbed 2 disc set hit, I must say I quite enjoyed it especially the more human story this time out. As usual for Japanese movies, it had moments of gruesomeness.

    Plans for another installment have apparently stalled. I've heard conflicting stories about how well the movie did. GAMERA VS. GODZILLA has been bandied about since the release of GAMERA 3, so maybe we'll get that at some point. How's the dub on this one?

    If you liked this, Carl, you will likely dig ULTRAMAN THE NEXT. It has a darker, more adult and story driven approach. Some great effects in that one, too. I don't think there's a US disc of this one, yet. It should have gotten one instead of GODZILLA FINAL WARS.

  4. Must we always hate on 'Final Wars?' At this point, you would think that it raped your grandmother and ran over your dog.

    If you want to see 'Ultraman: The Next,' this guy apparently sells it-

  5. My friend sells ULTRAMAN THE NEXT much cheaper ($10) He also paid to have it professionally subtitled.

    That amazon disc is either a boot of his release, or a HK DVD if there was one. Mind you, neither of these are legit, but until a company licenses it for America, this is all there is going to be.

  6. For some reason I thought this one was available from Media Blasters, but that release might not have happened yet. Do you guys recommend picking up the Mills Creek release of the original Ultraman series?

  7. Yes, for the price they are. The prints are not as good as the Japanese releases. BCI didn't legitimately license the series from the actual owners. They got them from Chaiyo of Thailand who had been in a long court battle over whether they legally owned the rights to do their own version of the show. The Thai company recently lost that battle, but at a price. Tsuburaya Productions went out of business.

    I have some subbed episodes (including a Tsuburaya doc and some episodes of ULTRA Q) a friend of mine did for a special promotional gig in California a few years ago and you can tell a massive difference in the quality.

    The Mill Creek versions are the same as the BCI release. BCI claimed that certain scenes never existed in English so these bits automatically switch to Japanese with English subs. This is not true as Tsuburaya has/had all the original elements, but their asking price was higher than the company that didn't own them in the first place.

    A problem with the set is that sometimes it reverts to Japanese and never switches back. For the price, Carl, they're worth it. Many fans were disappointed over these, but at the same time, many were satisfied just to see the show again. I fall somewhere in the middle. If the packaging is the same as BCI's, it's very nicely put together.

  8. V you are an endless wealth of awesome film facts! I will be sure to pick the set up, the packaging looks to be identical to the BCI packaging from what I saw. Honestly, I dont need it to be crisp as the day it debuted, I just dont have the money to lol.. I appreciate the heads up! I also grabbed Japanese Biggest Mon-Star on your rec, hoping to get to it in the next couple months after I finish the Encyclopedia of Horror and Book of the Dead

  9. Then you should be well satisfied with the ULTRAMAN series sets. A shame no more of the ULTRA heroes got box sets released here. I have a few discs of the ULTRAMAN LEO series and they're a lot of fun. A bit more violent than the typical ULTRA show. No subs on them, though.

    I'm thinking of buying another copy myself of 'Mon-star', so when the one I have falls apart, I'll have another on hand. The book is that invaluable, IMO. A shame that MONSTERS ARE ATTACKING TOKYO is so damn expensive now. It's another fascinating read.