Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Identity (2003)

IDENTITY is exactly the kind of film Hollywood wants you to think is good, when really it is a tired and pretentious bore that attacks the audience's intelligence with extreme prejudice. The film jumps between dual plots, with a psychologist interviewing a condemned mass murderer while elsewhere a group of strangers convene on an isolated motel in the desert, where they are offed one by one by the killer in their midst. Anyone with half a brain is able to determine the predictable plot twist within the first 10m, which completely destroys any chances the film had at developing any suspense or mystery. It is baffling how upfront the plot is, as it takes a an arrogant filmmaker to think so little of the audience as to spell out the big twist in the opening of your film. Jake Busey is just one of several ridiculously over the top actors in this mess, none of whom garner any support or become even remotely interesting at any point in the picture. The cherry on the cake comes in the form of the pathetic reveal of the true killer, who should have come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that was paying attention. This is a sad excuse of a suspense thriller that was sold on big names and safe Hollywood scares for people that hate Horror movies.

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 5/10.
Number of views: 2.

So lame.. So very lame..

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  1. I'm with you on this one.

    I remember my friends forced me to watch it with them. I basically destroyed it for them because everything in it was so obvious that I called what was going to happen like you said within the first 10 min. It just sucked and blew all around.

  2. My wife haaates it when I spoil films for her, because as she puts it, she doesnt think when shes watching films, an approach I cannot relate to. This film kinda makes me barf.

  3. Some films, even the good ones, are so formulaic that you can't help but spill where it's going.

  4. Why does it rank 7/10 then? I am curious.

  5. I don't remember it being THAT bad, but then again, I watched it when I was 15 or 16...

  6. Thats the problem Wings, despite being a travesty by my consideration, the technical work in the film is still clean cut, and by comparison to other suspense thrillers of its kind, it is a stock and average entry. I cant stomach it, but I cant rightfully fail it even though Id love to. Becks here seemed to like it, so it may have come down to personal preference on this one =D

  7. I liked it, but the weird thing is that I'd give it the same score...

    Not sure how your scoring sytem works...(and I liked The Perfect Getaway also)

  8. Hey Kangas, thanks for stopping by! My scoring system tries to be as objective as possible for the overall rating, and is based on the ratings curve found on the right hand panel of the screen (a typical college curved average where 7 is a "C" and constitutes a median score). Although I really dont like the film, I cant rate it below what it truly deserves.


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